4 Little Known Ways to Win a Sweepstakes

One secret about human nature is that humans like to win at anything, be it $5 million or 5 pairs of cotton white tube socks. Although drastically different prizes, both are able to deliver the same amount of joy to any person who is lucky enough. Sweepstakes offer a chance for people to win something, ranging from $1 to $1-million or more, a nice set of clothes, cars, vacations, and so on. Most of these contests, though, are for suckers.

It can be Fun

The sweepstakes generally constitute a part of the sales promotion of some product lineup, a new device, or entrepreneurial venture, and the prizes won are sponsored by the parent company. But the question remains – how to win sweepstakes? Although winning a sweepstake almost entirely depends on luck, there are some methods by which you can increase your chances of winning.

Some of them are listed here:

•Enter any and every sweepstake you come across. If you enter just one sweepstake, you may have to compete against millions of other entries; calculate the probability of winning and you will realize that it is almost non-existent. If you seriously want to win, then you need to actively participate and seek out sweepstakes. Ask any seasoned sweeper, and they will tell you the same thing when you ask them about how to win sweepstakes.

•Prefer local contests. Sweepstakes organized on a local scale offer a better chance of success because the number of entrants is relatively less. The prize money may not be a million dollars, but the advantages are numerous. You do not have to waste any money on postage stamps, wait for an undefined amount of time to know the results, or to receive your prize. And the local sweepstakes require contests related to the locality you have been living in, so you have a better chance of sending in a more interesting entry than the others.

•Still don’t know how to win sweepstakes? Most forms require the entrants to only fill the minimum required contact information. Instead of these, look for forms which are more complex to fill and require more time. If a form asks you to attach a photo or an essay, certainly oblige! As the requirements become more complex, the number of entrants decreases. This might roll the die in your favor.

•Differentiate your entry from the rest. This may seem to be a weird suggestion, but prefer sending your form in a larger envelope, or a decorated one. Some sweepstakes have set rules regarding these, so this trick might not always work. Sometimes, using a brightly colored envelope, or folding your entry in a different way can increase your chances of winning.

Remaining Persistent

The above are some of the little known ways on how to win sweepstakes. The true answer lies in your patience and your perseverance. It takes more than just one entry to land you a huge sum of cash. So don’t stop. Keep a positive attitude and keep filling those forms out.

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